Sunday, 28 February 2010

think of words for attraction

the above
and below
in one photo


Rites of Spring

lovely eyes that leave no trace of contact

do you know who you are?

A Historical Romance

It was never a decision=

in waves

i ache for you

Take your pants off

I love my new
hand painted
ostridge leather

Zac Posen bag..

to match my pony hair.

Zac just launched his secondary
line at Saks this week and it
was fun fun punk glamour
dance floor.

I got to see so many great friends
as the post fashion week parties
continued to lift our spirits.

Everyone was looking rather fabulous.

Sipping secret cocktails, Dj America keeping it real.



not to mention my Ann Demeulemeester Boots..

best with pants off.

Jessica Kipp you are the best friend a girl could have. Best Gifts Ever. ***

Zac Posen you are a magical prince.


LJ                                     Photos by IAMBLANK

Hello Glamour

I love you.

Friday, 19 February 2010

i followed a trail of gold trinkets into a clearing in the woods

the manifestation
of a dream vision


as for all the minor
details of how incredibly
difficult it was to
heat the venue
or build light boxes
or lights going out
just before the big moment

i will hush

Grace Came

my heart is radiating
light beams



Thursday, 18 February 2010

silence after the storm

Thank you all so very much
to show your support, coming together
and creating beauty.

I had such an amazing time last night,
The space, the clothing, the models,
my team.. I really saw a vision come to life.

We had to overcome such strange obsticales to get there.

But at it's height the Outlaws of the Border Fall 2010 Presentation last night
was a beacon of light. It felt like the best birthday I have ever had
where everything was beautiful and it made me extemely happy.

I am so so tired.

Beautiful Pics and scary stories when i wake..



Saturday, 13 February 2010

a few last minute thoughts

i know that i am dangling
but i only look upwards and my
fear passes away

how i shift the position of my leg,
how i was dangling there

how horrified i felt...

look up

Missing you is not enough


is much greater

than darkness

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Outlaws of the Border Fall 2010 invite

I am in the midst of the hustle

I will be showing, Feb 17th
at 8:30pm

for a good time call

I will share my fashion week
pre pics and after pics

when I have my show fully
in action and am able to rest..

Break a Bone