Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Inner Flickering Light

"inner flickering light"

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July 21st


The performance “Inner Flickering Light” by Lindsay Jones is a focused look inside the internal eternal being, examining the tension and release that resides within.

Maurice Merlau-Ponty writes "Consciousness, the world, and the human body as a perceiving thing are intricately intertwined and mutually engaged." The performance by Ms. Jones, featuring three female dancers enacting Butoh-inspired movements, conveys this concept by integrating performance art, fashion design, lighting design, and avant garde classical composition.

Lindsay Jones is the designer of the collection Outlaws of the Border (www.outlawsoftheborder.com). She will be collaborating directly with artist/illustrator Emily Caisip and artist Andrew Yang. Hair by Dennis Gots. Lighting By Jason Sinipoli. Classical composer John Magee will perform live at the event.

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