Wednesday, 3 March 2010

T'as de la chance que cèst flou

Star Like

Yvan Rodic
I may slowly begin to like your
blog more than your dancing.

I am sorry but the colors move with
the cities when i scroll down
the light flickers

and i guess it looks
like a blurry star
that turns my
winged mind.


Also I have heard sacred rumors
of a newly released book.
Don't let me tell you what to
do with your $$$

Top to bottom

-London Fashion Week

-Myself Lindsay Jones
Diamond Bones

I got all teary eyed thinking
of all the good memories of these
weeks and colors and joy. At the
time Outlaws was guest blogging
for Paper Mag.

*My glamour muse
-Bryan Boy

These photo's say everything
about style..

go to the blog for propper blur/color